The following PIER Training Institute clients are national and international health care providers and organizations who are committed to changing the way we treat severe mental illness.
  • Contra Costa County Mental Health Services, First Hope Program – Concord, CA*
  • Kickstart – San Diego, CA
  • Maine Medical Center – Portland, ME
  • Mid-Valley Behavioral Care Network – Salem, OR
  • Momentum for Mental Health – Santa Clara County, CA
  • Santa Clara County REACH (Starlight and Momentum) Programs – San Jose, CA*
  • University of California – San Francisco, CA
  • University of California Davis – Sacramento, CA
  • University of New Mexico – Albuquerque, NM
  • Ventura Early Intervention Prevention Services (VIPS), Telecare Corporation – Ventura, CA*
  • Ventura County Mental Health- Ventura, CA
  • Washtenaw Community Health Organization – Ypsilanti, MI
  • Zucker Hillside Hospital – Glen Oaks, NY
  • Imperial County Behavioral Health Services – El Centro, CA
  • Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis(PREP)/Felton Institute – various agencies in the SF Bay area, CA
  • Weber Human Services Program – Ogden, UT

*Administered by the California Institute for Behavioral Health Services.

States which have provided PTI training to private mental health agencies not listed above: Agencies state-wide in California, Delaware, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire,Nevada, New York, Oregon, South Carolina- Beckman Mental Health, Tennessee and Vermont.

Universities which have sponsored PTI training: Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Harvard University, McGill University, University of California at Davis, University of California at San Francisco, University of Michigan, University of New Mexico, University of Rochester, and University of Pennsylvania—Philadelphia PEACE Program.

  • Los Angeles Department of Mental Health (5 sites)
  • Tri-City Pomona County Mental Health – Pomona, CA
  • MAPNET—Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (4 sites & under expansion to 4 additional sites 2022)
  • Tennessee Department of Mental Health (6 sites, expanding in 2022 to 8 sites in 2022)
  • Tennessee Department of Mental Health (2 sites, expanding in 2022 to 8 sites in 2022)