PIER Model Training Session
The PIER Training Institute offers PIER Model training and certification, which includes training in Multifamily Group (MFG) treatment. We also offer stand-alone Family Psychoeducation Training and Certification.

Training that leads to success

Evidence-based treatment tools and a comprehensive approach based on hands-on learning and supervision is the key to successful implementation of treatment of mental illness in young people.

PIER Model Training and Certification


  • In-Person Training. Five days of in-depth, face-to-face training with PIER Model experts. Download Agenda (PDF).
  • Robust Distance Learning. Three 2-hour webinars on Community Outreach and two 3-hour teleconferences on Occupational Therapy/Supported Education/Supported Employment (OT/SE/SE).
  • Supervision & Monitoring. PTI faculty provide regular monthly team supervision, monitoring and supplemental training to help ensure success.
  • Site Visit from PIER Model Experts. An on-site visit from the PIER Training Institute staff to assess progress and problem-solve challenges.
  • PIER Model Program Certification. Following 2 years of operation, agencies can apply for PIER Model Certification. Annual reports will be prepared by the agency to demonstrate an understanding and application of the early detection and intervention model.