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To serve the clients in your community, successful implementation of the PIER Model depends on a well-staffed organization.

Staffing recommendations

In a community of 300,000 to 450,000, an organization can expect to recruit approximately 20-25 clients in the first year and 30-35 or more in subsequent years. To successfully meet their needs and ensure manageable caseloads, the PIER Training Institute offers clear and flexible staffing recommendations for a team of 5 people.

Responsibilities include fielding referral calls, administering SIPS assessment, providing family psychoeducation, co-leading a multi-family group, assisting with supported education, and collaborating with team members.

The Social Worker carries a caseload of 10-15 clients.

Responsibilities are similar to the Social Worker, caseload of 10-15 clients.
Responsibilities include oversight of the medical needs, mental health needs, providing family psychoeducation and treatment for all clients and collaboration with doctors, nurses, private counselors and community providers, as well as team members.
Responsibilities include assessing the overall functioning of clients and developing a plan to improve performance, as well as providing family psychoeducation.

The Occupational Therapist carries a caseload of 4-5 clients.

Responsibilities include ensuring functionality of clients at school and/or work and providing family psychoeducation.

The case manager provides wrap-around assistance and monitoring, in support of the team’s treatment and rehabilitation plan.  The peer counselor acts as a life guide, promoting engagement in schools, recreation volunteering and employment, while also providing first-person reassurance and encouragement to reluctant or apprehensive participants. Depending on the program and the size of the population being served, this can be a part- or full-time position.

Staffing for larger populations

For larger populations, staff sizes increase proportionally. A service area with a population of 1 million people requires a minimum of 3-4 full-time Social Workers, 1.5 full-time Psychiatrists or Nurse Practitioners, 1 Occupational Therapist, 1.5 full-time Education/Employment Specialist and 1 full-time Case Manager/Peer Counselor.

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